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There are a variety of ways to keep up to date with the work of the churches and the Association departments, through following the departments on social media or prayer news, and by meeting together throughout the year.

Insight Magazine Stack - ImageThe best way to keep up to date is a subscription to the Association INSIGHT Magazine.  See the subscription details below.

The Magazine is produced and distributed 6 times a year providing church news, department updates and articles relating to the theme of the edition.


We would love to see more peolpe keeping up to date with the work of our Association through subscriptions to Insight.  Can you promote Insight to your church?

Why not run a Powerpoint slide or add a panel to your weekly or monthly bulletin? We've already done the design work for you - just download our pre-prepared PDF or Powerpoint graphics:

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Church Subscriptions

Ask your church magazine secretary to add you to the church subscriptions. They will look after the subscription payments too.

An annual subscription (via your church) is only £25.00 / €29.00

Personal Subscriptions
UK & Ireland Only

We would love for you to enjoy the fellowship of one of our churches, but if for whatever reason you can't, you can still avail from a personal subscription. Each edition will be posted directly to your door.

Annual personal subscriptions cost £38.00/€68.00 (Including P&P)

Subscription FormBy Post: Click the button to Download, then complete the form and send to us along with your payment.

Open Online Subscription FormOnline: Click the button to open the Subsciption Form, complete the details and make a secure payment.

Overseas Subscriptions

It is a great encouragment to be able to share the work of the Association and churches with the rest of the world and we pray a subscription to our Insight magazine will encourage you too, where ever in the world you are.

Please email our office for Rates and Postage costs:

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