Assisting Churches

The Association has a reservoir of experience in assisting churches in many aspects of the day to day running of a local church (i.e. pastorally, practically, legally, administration, safeguarding, insurance etc).  Also, the collective experience within the Association and Irish Baptist College is a great asset to assist churches with pastoral vacancies and churches who are struggling in a variety of contexts.

We are more than willing to assist churches in any of these areas.  Please make contact with the office for more information.


Published 6 times a year ABCInsight is the magazine of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland.  The publication contains news from around the churches, reports of the work of the Association Departments and articles on a wide range of biblical and spiritual matters.  If you would like to subscribe to the magazine please contact the office.

Churches’ Pastoral Support Scheme

History and experience have shown that a church is more likely to move forward when it has a pastor in office.  The Churches’ pastoral support scheme is a fund where ‘stronger’ churches can contribute to help smaller ‘weaker’ churches appoint a pastor.

Pastors Conference

Every March a conference is organised for those in vocational Christian service.  This is a great opportunity for fellowship, teaching and encouragement in gospel ministry.  Sign up is available here

Baptist Aid

This fund exists to provide an avenue for churches to collectively help and care for those in need in a practical way at home and overseas.  In recent years various relief endeavours have been supported; the Asian Tsunami, earthquakes in Peru, Pakistan and Haiti and through the ongoing link with the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe Orphan Care Programme.

Orphan Society

Provides help and support for those who have lost the loving care of one or both parents.

Retired Ministry Support Fund

Provides support in retirement to Pastors and Gospel workers who served before the advent of the provision of Pension Schemes.

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