Bloomfield Baptist Church Building

Posted: 07-08-2015

There has been a faithful witness, to the gospel of Jesus Christ at 25 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast since the patch of land there was purchased by Bloomfield Baptist Church in 1903. Down through the years many can testify to the impact of this witness - hundreds were converted, many missionaries were sent out and not a few individuals were inducted into pastoral ministry. However, last October (2014) it was with sadness that the church took the decision to dissolve due to declining membership. We give thanks to God for his blessing on the ministry of Bloomfield Baptist Church for over 110 years.

Upon dissolution, ownership of the building passed to The Northern Baptist Corporation Limited, as trustee. Given the strategic location of the building it was decided that it would be advantageous to maintain a witness in the area. After scrutiny of a number of groups interested in using the building, the Northern Baptist Corporation signed a five-year maintaining lease with Village Church, Belfast. Although an independent church, Village is baptistic in nature and has affirmed the Association Doctrinal Statement.

Praise God that the witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ will continue from 25 Upper Newtownards Road!

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