Pastors' Conference 2016

Posted: 17-03-2016 | by Dave Ramsey

The pastors' conference took place in early March and over 85 gospel workers enjoyed fellowship and teaching.

The guest speaker, Paul Mallard, took as his theme “Mission in Acts”.  Using a variety of passages through the Acts of the Apostles (Ch’s 2,11,16,17) he highlighted the progression of the good news of Jesus from Judea to Europe and to the ends of the earth.  He noted that the work of the Spirit and the establishment of the church was always accompanied with persecution.  He also noted that the growth of the church always brought change.  In our context change can often be difficult and so Paul also led a practical session on lessons from Acts in managing change with Pastors seeing part of their role as being agents of change.  Everyone present appreciated the combination of faithful Bible teaching, practical wisdom, pastoral warmth and touch of appropriate humour.  It was an excellent opportunity to take time out, be ministered to, recharge and encourage one another in the gospel.

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