Pastors Conference 2017

Posted: 23-03-2017

The Pastors Conference was held on the 6-7 March 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Carlingford. 92 men involved in ministry across the Island attended the conference. The speaker was Ray Evans, Senior Pastor, Grace Church Bedford. The theme for the conference was Ready Steady Grow – equipping today’s gospel churches.

The first session encouraged the men that “whatever happens” (Philippians 1:27) whether that be circumstantial setbacks, Christian selfishness or crisis of suffering that those involved in Gospel ministry need to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of Christ.

The second session highlighted from Acts 6 that the Apostles organised themselves so that they could devote themselves to ministry of the word and prayer.  Christian leaders should not neglect organisation.

The third session encouraged the men to consider the variety of means available to reach lost people by looking at the gospel changing lives in Acts 16.

The final session reminded everyone present that growing the church is a spiritual endeavour and the Christian pastor must devote himself to prayer.

Break out groups were a precious time of meeting new people and praying for and encouraging one another.Plenty of time was factored into the programme for catching up over a coffee or going for a walk.

The facilities in the hotel provided a relaxed and comfortable environment for the conference.

Those involved in ministry in Association Churches are encouraged to attend on 5-6 March 2018 when the speaker will be Dr Bruce Ware, Prof. of Christian Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.

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